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Activate or Reactivate a Security System
Activate a System

You already have the power to protect your family, all you have to do is activate it. There is no activation fee, and in most cases, we can reconnect you within 24 hours. Whether you have an BBS system or another brand, we can help you activate your system monitoring. Here's how:


Activate an BBS system:

If you currently have an BBS system, arranging for monitoring can be incredibly easy and quick. In fact, we may not even have to visit your home. For a system in good condition, we can many times communicate with the system's control panel right from our offices. This means you can start protecting your home immediately.

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Activate another brand system:

BBS can monitor most types of security systems. BBS can evaluate the system prior to arranging activation. This allows us to serve you better because we know the type and condition of the system. You can select a convenient time for this evaluation.

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Contact BBS:

Just complete the convenient online form and an BBS representative will contact to provide more information on reactivating your system. Or, call 203-879-5408!