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High Speed Interactive Broadband Monitoring

The Lightning Fast Benefit to our Broadband Solution

How long does it take an home security system to signal a monitoring station of an alarm? With BBS Security Systems Broadband monitoring, its within secs. When the perimeter of any protected zone is breached, using your high-speed internet connection, a couple seconds is all it takes for the security system to send a signal to the monitoring facility.

With Broadband Monitoring, anytime the alarm is triggered, your security system sends the signal through your existing broadband internet connection. Broadband Monitoring Service provides your security system with a much faster connection to the monitoring facility and is capable of notifying us of a problem at least four times faster than a landline connection.

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Wireless Cellular Monitoring

The Cellular Advantage

No landline phone or internet required all communication is via cellular towers, which means no extra wires to the alarm system.
With our Cellular Monitoring Solution, you receive true flexibility for your home security monitoring service. There is no need for any type of landline home phone or internet connection. And since it is a cellular connection, the alarm system doesn't require any extra wires to work. Simply plug the command station into a power outlet and everything else is completely wireless and with the cellular communications find out how you can add Home Interactive options.

BBS Security Systems guarantees that the pricing of our security system is competitive and will match any bonafide written installation offer from a competing home security company for a period of 30 days from the date of the alarm agreement.  For this guarantee to be effective, the competitive offer must be for equipment and services that are substantially similar to BBS Security Systems' offer.

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