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Home Interactive & Lifestyle Management Solutions

BBS is your total home security and home automation solutions provider.

Manage Your Home...

How, When and from Where you want!

BBS Total Connect Interactive Solutions helps to improve the quality of your busy life by adding convenience and Home control solutions to your home. Whether you want to be more energy-efficient, want to know what's happening at home when you're on a business trip, or just want to see who's at the front door without actually getting up and going to the door, BBS Security can help with our Total Connect smart solution that combines home security with home automation and lets you manage, monitor and modify your home and security needs to fit your lifestyle.

Experience the luxury and convenience of total home control...with BBS Total Connect!

Virtual Keypad-Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, or via SMS on a PDA or Smart Phone.

Security Event Alerts-Receive important alerts through any text messaging device, including cell phones and PDAs (e.g. receive an e-mail when your child has arrived home safely from school).

Be notified of activity in various areas of your home (e.g. when doors have been opened or closed, when the security system has been armed or disarmed or even when a safe or liquor cabinet has been opened)

Utilize optional video services to receive images of specific activity occurring around the interior or exterior of your home (e.g. if the housekeeper leaves) from any remote location over the Internet, a web-enabled PDA—or Smart Phone!
Home Automation-Enter your home and have the temperature set perfectly for your arrival.  Have the lights go up as the sun goes down.  Unlock a door via your smartphone.

Thermostats-Using Z-Wave thermostats allows automation through your security system.  Design custom scenes and schedules for comfort and energy savings.

Lighting-Turn selected indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically every time you arm or disarm your security system.
Locks-Did your kids forget their keys again?  Have a neighbor stopping by to drop off a package?  Unlock the door from the comfort of your office-right from your smartphone or PC.  Additionally you can lock and unlock doors when you arm or disarm your security system.

The possibilities are endless!

View Video-View live streaming video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have pictures e-mailed to you upon an event.


Remote Look In-Total Connect™ Video Services let you effortlessly look in on any location via laptops, PCs and compatible mobile devices whether you’re across the country or across the world.


Customer Video Alerts-You can customize recording settings based on video motion detection or schedules. Choose the exact events you want to view and when they occur, we'll let you know.


For example, you may want to see exactly when your child arrives home from school, when a senior loved one takes their medication or when your business opens in the morning. The possibilities are endless, and the choices are all yours.