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Why choose BBS?

BBS Security Systems is a Connecticut based premier home security systems & business security systems and alarm 24 hr. monitoring solution provider. BBS offers Connecticut residents & business owners a convenient one-stop shop for Home Security Systems, Business Security Systems, Home Medical Systems, Home Control Solutions, Video Surveillance, low cost 24 hr. Alarm Monitoring, Lifestyle Management Solutions, Remote Security Services & Interactive solutions.  At BBS Security, our professionals are known for their sales knowledge, design and installation expertise and we make our customers our top priority.  We have built a reputation for commitment to high caliber, consistent and continuing customer service and when you need help, we will always be there starting during our initial meeting and continuing with after-sales service.  We put our customers ahead of everything else and give you the personal service that you require and the attention that many others have left behind.  To learn how BBS Security Systems, LLC can help you find the perfect solution and make your home or business more secure...contact us today!

Advantages with BBS Security Systems & our Services 

Advanced Technology....24-Hour Protection!

Our security solutions & services help protect the people and things you value most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They form a comprehensive solution that provides you continuous security, and it's just one of the reasons why BBS Security is the vendor of choice for hundreds families & business owners in Connecticut.

When an alarm signal is received from your home or business, a 24 hr. monitoring trained professional can alert both you and the police, fire department or emergency personnel right away. So, whether you're there or away, you have protection, which acts like an invisible blanket around the people and things that value most to you. 

The security of your home, family & business is important. BBS helps protect you, your loved ones & your property with our advanced security system monitoring and lifestyle remote security solutions.

BBS offers:

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Strategically located across the country, BBS 24 hr. monitoring centers provide you with fast response protection using the latest technological equipment & services.  Our monitoring service includes access to our MyBBS web portal, which allows you secured access to alarm reporting history & the ability to manage your own responsible party contact information.

BBS Total Connect

BBS Total Connect is more than just remote security — it's home automation, climate and light control, and video. What's more, it's affordable, customizable and easy to use.

Learn more about BBS Home Control & Lifestyle Management Remote control services

BBS Guarantees

At BBS, we don't just tell you how safe, reliable and useful our security systems and products are — we guarantee it!

  • BBS Price Match Guarantee
  • BBS Relocation Discount Guarantee
  • Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate